Fourth lesson of acoustic: Acoustic comfort

Lezione di acustica - comfort acustico

In closed rooms such as meeting rooms, theatres, restaurants, offices etc., where the level of environmental noise shall be lowered and the clarity of sound shall be improved, it is essential to guarantee the appropriate acoustic comfort.

The stay in noisy environments causes mental fatigue for normal office tasks, where concentration may be disturbed by device or speech background noises. The result is a reduction of the working capacity with a higher risk of error, which in some cases may have a negative effect on productivity, with non-quantifiable costs for the company.

Comfort acustico aula scolastica

When designing buildings the reverberation time can be calculated scientifically with a good approximation; in this calculation, the activity and volume of the room should be taken into account as both significantly affect the result.

The material choice to reach the right acoustic comfort should be aimed at achieving the optimal reverberation time considering the intended use of the room. This is the reason why Caruso Acoustic sound-absorbing panels are available in two material typologies: Basotect® by Basf® and Whisper® by Stratocel® melamine resin. This latter is particularly suitable for high-humidity environments such as swimming pools, changing rooms and canteens.

The correct installation of Caruso Acoustic sound-absorbing panels, by diversifying and distributing the sound-absorbing material uniformly, leads to a reduction of reverberation and the absorption of unwanted reflected sound waves as well as background noises.