24 January 2018 Caruso Acoustic - lezione acustica sale conferenze

Sixth Lesson of Acoustics: Acoustic Correction of Conference/Meeting Room

Caruso Acoustic offers a wide range of acoustic panels for conference and meeting rooms, which can easily adapt to any space and furniture.
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2 November 2017

Fifth lesson of acoustics: Acoustic treatment in classrooms and lecture halls

The efficiency of oral communication in a teaching context, and therefore in a learning process, is closely related to the conditions of the environment.
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13 September 2017 Lezione di acustica - comfort acustico

Fourth lesson of acoustic: Acoustic comfort

In closed rooms such as meeting rooms, theatres, restaurants, offices etc., it is essential to guarantee the appropriate acoustic comfort.
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20 July 2017 Assorbimento acustico- terza lezione di acustica

Third Lesson of Acoustic: Acoustic absorption

Caruso Acoustic sound-absorbing panels exploit the principle of acoustic absorption in porous media, based on the viscosity of the sound-absorbing material.
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18 May 2017 lezione-di-acustica

Second Lesson of Acoustics: the Reverberation Time

Every environment has an optimal reverberation time according to its intended use. Second acoustic lesson.
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16 March 2017

First Lesson of Acoustics: the Sound Wave

In this first lesson we will address the first key concept related to the topic of acoustics: the sound wave.
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