6 June 2019

Improvement of acoustic comfort in a hotel waiting room

The proposed project of acoustic requalification concerns a hotel waiting room, whose volume is about 360 m³.
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24 July 2018 Trattamento Acustico Aeroporto Case Study

Acoustic treatment of an airport lounge: an important requirement for the travellers’ comfort

Caruso Acoustic has understood this problem and has developed a solution to improve reverberation times in airport lounges.
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26 June 2018 Correzione acustica aula didattica - Caruso Acoustic

Acoustic correction of a classroom: an essential condition for schools and universities

The proposed acoustic correction project concerns a classroom of 108 m² with a capacity of about 90 places.
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29 May 2018 Acustica Sala Conferenze Pannelli fonoassorbenti

Acoustic treatment of a conference hall: to ensure a proper audibility at medium and long distance

In a conference hall, acoustic comfort is a fundamental requirement for a good listening quality at medium and long distance.
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8 March 2018 Caruso Acoustic Correzione acustica ufficio open space

Open space offices acoustic correction: improving the liveability of a working environment

We can see here how the acoustics of a call centre can improve thanks to an effective and rational distribution of sound-absorbing elements.
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21 September 2017 Riqualificazione acustica ristorante-Caruso Acoustic

Acoustic requalification for a restaurant room: a practical example

The acoustic and lighting renovation project for restaurants allows to reduce the reverberation time, thus improving the quality of the environment.
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