Sixth Lesson of Acoustics: Acoustic Correction of Conference/Meeting Room

Caruso Acoustic - lezione acustica sale conferenze

Conference and meeting rooms are spaces where acoustic comfort is a fundamental requirement for a liveable environment. The most common challenge for this type of place is certainly the overlap of reflected sound waves from the walls, ceiling and floor to an incident sound wave. This involves the listeners’ difficulty to follow the speech with a consequent mental fatigue and loss of concentration.

During the acoustic design of a conference room, it is therefore essential to pay great attention to the choice of finish materials, which have to be appropriate to the room intended use, in order to ensure low reverberation times. An effective solution is undoubtedly the installation of sound-absorbing panels that will help to lower reverberation times and improve the whole acoustics. By planning a targeted distribution of sound-absorbing material in the environment, it is in fact possible to guarantee a listening homogeneity into the whole room.

Caruso Acoustic offers a wide range of acoustic panels for conference and meeting rooms, which can easily adapt to any space and furniture.

sound absorbing panel caruso silente

Silente panels are a versatile solution for meeting rooms, theatres, recreational areas and much more. They can be fixed to the walls or to the ceiling, even in the hanging version, and allow to create various configurations by either playing on the different heights of the panels or on their alignments. This product offers a great freedom of choice in composition, fabric colours, but also aesthetic and technical customisation: Silente is available in two different sound-absorbing materials (Basotect® by Basf® or Whisper® by Stratocel®). Moreover, it can be fitted with LED lighting systems to guarantee the correct light output and with customised prints applied directly onto the fabric with resistant to washing, non-toxic water-based inks.