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Conference halls


The speaker is not the only one responsible for making sure listeners are paying close attention. Rooms with poor acoustics inevitably lead to greater mental fatigue and consequently to a loss of concentration. When designing a conference hall, we should pay the utmost attention to our choice of finishing materials to guarantee low reverberation times that are suitable for the activity taking place. Furthermore, the position of the sound-absorbing material is important: targeted distribution of the acoustic absorption in the room must be planned to guarantee that the same quality of sound can be heard in every corner of the room. Therefore, the optimum reverberation time in a room used for listening to others talking is represented by the right compromise between achieving a sufficient level of sound to be effortlessly heard. The ideal solutions for conference halls are the Silente suspended panels and the Nuvola panels. The latter can be combined in a variety of formats to create clouds of various shapes and sizes. A shared hanging system means you can slide the elements perfectly, creating groupings that are easy to install. You can choose from a wide variety of configurations, from the simplest aligned elements to more complex, structured set-ups.