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Waiting rooms


Waiting rooms can be various sizes and are located at the entrance to studios, offices, public businesses, museums, stations and airports. It is important to provide the people waiting in these areas with a comfortable and relaxing environment, allowing them to hold private conversations without the risk of being heard by those around them. By improving a room’s acoustic performance, we can offer high-quality living conditions for that room. Silente fixed or suspended sound-absorbing panels and Nuvola panels are the ideal solution for large waiting rooms. The latter can be combined in a variety of formats to create clouds of various shapes and sizes. A shared hanging system means you can slide the elements perfectly, creating groupings that are easy to install. You can choose from a wide variety of configurations, from the simplest aligned elements to more complex, structured set-ups. However, for more confined spaces, Silente panels can be placed on walls to minimise any acoustic disturbances from speech. The option of choosing from various colours and sizes makes the panels perfectly adaptable to any space and to any type of furnishings already in the room.