Second Lesson of Acoustics: the Reverberation Time


Whether or not a room reverberates primarily depends on its size (and therefore on its volume) and on the capacity of its exposed surfaces to absorb sounds.

Let’s now define the concept of reverberation time. Given an enclosed environment with acoustic saturation conditions (by activating a sound source for an opportune time interval), time reverberation, concerning a specific frequency, is defined as the necessary time, after the switching off of the sound source, in order that the sound pressure level related to that frequency will be reduced of 60 dB compared to the level detected in the environment when the sound source was in operation.

reverberation time

Every environment has an optimal reverberation time according to its intended use. During the design phase of a new room or the requalification of existing venues, an in-depth phono-metric analysis is carried out to determine with precision the reverberation time, so as to develop suitable solutions to guarantee an appropriate acoustic absorption.