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Sound-absorbing panels for public and private environments

Sound-absorbing ceiling panels and elements

Caruso Acoustic offers a wide range of sound-absorbing ceiling panels. Two different fastening systems are available: fixed to the ceiling on tracks with made-to-measure sliding bars, or suspended from the ceiling with a kit composed of adjustable vertical cables.

Sound-absorbing wall panels and elements

Two models of panels for wall installation: the Silente and Dot panels can be fixed to the wall on dedicated tracks with made-to-measure sliding bars.

Sound-absorbing floor panels and elements

For a solution that can be placed on the floor, Caruso Acoustic has designed the D-Space free-standing sound-absorbing panel and totem Menhir.

Sound-absorbing desk panels and elements

The Scriba Sound-absorbing desk panel is specifically designed for easy installation on horizontal surfaces, using the dedicated fixing system, or by simply placing it on top.