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Dental practices


The acoustics in the reception of a dental practice must be optimised to guarantee privacy between patients and the information desk, so they feel at ease in a quiet and comfortable environment. Silente panels on the wall or hung from the ceiling allow patients to hold private conversations with the medical staff without the risk of being heard by the other people there. It is important that waiting rooms provide the people waiting with a comfortable and relaxing environment, thereby reducing the potential stress of waiting. However, operating theatres have special requirements in terms of their acoustics and hygiene. These environments can be very stressful for both patients and doctors. The medical staff must be able to communicate easily, but the noise of the equipment can disturb them and make their work difficult. Silente panels on the wall or ceiling and Nuvola panels can improve the acoustic comfort in all these environments with subsequent psychophysical benefits for the patients and medical staff. Whether hung from the ceiling (hanging Silente and Nuvola) by steel cables or fixed to the wall (adhesive Silente), they can be combined in different formats to create configurations of various shapes and sizes.