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Caruso Acoustic offers different solutions that can also be adapted for your home. Each room of the house has its own acoustic requirements. For example, in the kitchen, the noise produced by household electrical appliances (refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, etc) must be kept to a minimum; in a room with poor acoustics, they can produce an annoying background noise that prevents you from going about your daily activities in the kitchen. The hanging Silente panel, combined with the installation of LED spotlights, is the right solution to meet the demanding acoustics and lighting that the kitchen requires. However, in the bedroom and the living room, you would generally prefer to insulate against external noises so they cannot disturb you while sleeping or when watching a film or reading a book. The adhesive sound-absorbing Silente panel is the perfect solution for this environment. Available in a wide range of sizes and colours, the panel can be perfectly adapted to any furnishings already in the room, creating a perfect balance between acoustics and aesthetics. The Silente panel (and the Nuvola panel) are also ideal for home theatres. They guarantee optimum acoustic comfort so you can fully enjoy the potential of your installed audio system.