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Silence is a very important comfort parameter in hotels: many people carefully check the reviews left by guests to find out whether a hotel is comfortable, including in terms of its acoustics. Many hotels in Italy do not currently meet the minimum acoustic comfort standards, even though there has been a law in force on this issue since 1997 (Prime Ministerial Decree 05/12/1997) that expressly requires rooms to be insulated internally and externally, while also limiting the noise produced by air conditioning systems, plumbing, etc. Flag, one of the latest sound-absorbing technology applications from Caruso, can be placed inside corridors to slow down sound waves, preventing daily room service and cleaning activities from disturbing guests relaxing in their rooms. However, inside the rooms, Silente sound-absorbing panels guarantee to lower noise levels and therefore limit any disturbance to the adjacent rooms. Silente and Nuvola sound-absorbing panels are able to fully satisfy the requirements of large areas with high ceilings, such as reception areas, restaurants, gyms, swimming pools and meeting rooms.