A new LED lighting for Flag sound-absorbing panel

Caruso Acoustic flag illuminazione

Creativity and functionality are distinctive features of Flag sound-absorbing panel. Thanks to its hooking systems on tracks or through adjustable cables, Flag offers plenty of options for creating high-impact, dynamic volumetric effects, but at the same time it guarantees to block the volumetric wave and to minimise reverberation.

Presented for the first time at Architect@Work Exhibition in Milan, the LED lighting system integration positioned on Flag sound-absorbing panel represents an important product innovation. The present collection, in fact, envisages the installation of a 2.5 cm wide new linear LED lighting system, set along the panel’s length. The new luminous component can be installed both in the adherence and in the hanging version of the panel.

One of the advantages of this system stems from the positioning of the LED strip into the panel’s thickness: in this way, the quantity of internal sound-absorbing material used remains unchanged, thus ensuring high technical performances. The available light colours (warm, neutral and cool light) are perfectly suitable for the different needs of spaces such as offices, didactic classrooms and waiting rooms. The option of adjusting the beam light intensity and of remote controlling the system turning on and off, guarantee a proper light diffusion.

Flag light - caruso acoustic