Caruso Acoustic is on the Architonic and Archiproducts portals

Caruso Acoustic Architonic Archiproducts

The Caruso Acoustic brand is on the Architonic portal, a web platform that gathers the best products, with a particular focus on innovative materials and architecture and design ideas. With 12 million visitors a year, Architonic is the most important style showcase for design professionals. Caruso Acoustic’s presence on this Swiss portal is a major opportunity to expand the brand’s profile not just in Italy, but also around the world.
This is joined by Archiproducts: the most powerful search engine for architecture and design products. This Italian and international architecture portal gathers the best of high-quality production and design, serving as a reference point for projects and news. All the content is simultaneously shown on the other portals that are part of the group, more specifically: Edilportale, Archiportale and Archilovers.

A data sheet is shown for each Caruso Acoustic product, containing a detailed description of the product and its relative applications. Plenty of space is given to images of products and there is also the option of downloading the new Caruso Acoustic 2016 catalogue. Consequently, users can immediately explore the solutions offered by this Parma-based company which has always invested its resources into research for new materials to develop high-performance products that can meet the acoustic needs of different venues, such as conference halls, classrooms, libraries, restaurants and many others. In order to provide its users with the best acoustic comfort, Caruso Acoustic also offers support during the venue’s design phase by conducting acoustic and lighting technology analysis with its highly qualified team.

By featuring on these sites, Caruso Acoustic aims to share the brand’s core values with the many Architonic and Archiproducts users (and those from the other portals), i.e. innovation, quality and Made in Italy craftsmanship, which have created unique, increasingly customised products.