Dot Sound-absorbing Panel for Laguna Park Hotel

Caruso Acoustic’s installation at the Laguna Park Hotel in Bibione, whose design has been made by the architect Antonello Fantuzzi and the architect Francesco Fabris, involved the three most widely used rooms by guests, i.e. the reception, the adjacent lounge bar and the dining hall. “Thanks to the collaboration with the company of Parma” said Fantuzzi “it was possible to place Dot sound-absorbing panels into the three rooms and to harmoniously add them to the other furniture. At first, in order to solve acoustic issues, we considered to use perforated plasterboard and other materials which were later proved unsuitable for the building architectural morphology. Dot sound-absorbing panels proved to be the perfect solution for this type of environment by fully meeting both the acoustic and aesthetic expectations.”

The acoustic issues linked to this type of environment were identified during the design phase, such as the high reverberation times and the background noise caused by many voices talking at once. Caruso Acoustic’s design consisted of targeted distribution of Dot sound-absorbing panels, which were positioned on the ceiling in all three rooms through a new magnetic fastening system. The decision to install this panel was not by chance: in fact, the Dot sound-absorbing panel performs particularly well over speech frequencies, considerably improving the rooms’ living conditions for both customers and staff.

From an aesthetic point of view, the elegant curved lines of the Dot sound-absorbing panel evoke the circular shape of other elements in the rooms, such as the lighting and air conditioning systems. The choice of light tones for the fabric and the minimalist design of the installations convey harmony and order to the room, decorating it with style.