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Effective oral communication in the field of education, and therefore in the learning process, is closely linked to the room used and the conditions it provides. Excessive reverberation and high levels of background noise reduce speech intelligibility. Certain studies have shown how students’ margins of error can vary by over 15% in a room where the reverberation time produces a sound above 60 dB. While below 55 dB this percentage falls dramatically to 4.3%. With this in mind, the acoustic design of a classroom aims to ensure that the person speaking is as comprehensible as possible. When working to correct the acoustics of a classroom, we must apply different types of materials so that the whole range of the frequencies concerned is absorbed. Silente is a single-sided sound-absorbing panel upholstered in fabric, which can be installed on the wall or on the ceiling with special tracks. Also available in a hanging version, Silente minimises acoustic disturbances from speech. The option of choosing from various colours and sizes makes the panels perfectly adaptable to any space and to any type of furnishings already in the room. Efficient LED lighting systems can be included upon request.