Silente sound absorbing panels for Mutti headquarters, Parma (Italy)

Caruso Acoustic per Mutti - instalazione pannelli copertina

Versatility and customisation are the distinctive features of Caruso Acoustic installation at Mutti’s headquarters in the village of Piazza, in the province of Parma. Founded in 1899, Mutti represents the excellence of Made in Italy in tomato canning industry, offering high-quality products and respecting the environment.

The arrangement concerned one of the company meeting rooms: a shared place where space organisation accomplishes individual and collaboration functions. Silente sound-absorbing panels, chosen in the ceiling-mounted and wall-mounted versions, are positioned near the seats in order to intercept effectively both reflected and direct sounds. Conceived to guarantee the correct acoustic absorption, Silente panels offer a great configuration freedom, thus meeting different project needs.

The aesthetics of the room is characterised by the red of the fabric covering: a strong recall to the corporate colours, which actively contributes to strengthen the company brand identity.
At the back of the room, a Silente panel stands out for its customised print quoting a sentence by Francesco Mutti – CEO of the homonymous canning industry –, which embodies the company values and history. This print has been created in negative on a white panel painted in the same colour of the others.