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Call centres

Call centres sound-absorpTion

A disjointed pace of life and short repetitive calls, discussions with customers can cause such stress to call centre operators that their working day becomes impossible. Caruso Acoustic can redesign any work areas to reduce the typical chaotic atmosphere of crowded, noisy environments. In fact, by correctly applying sound-absorbing materials, it will reduce sound reverberation and absorb energy from unwanted reflections as well as background noise. Caruso offers Silente as the perfect solution specifically for call centres: a single-sided sound-absorbing panel upholstered in fabric, which can be installed on walls or ceilings with special tracks. Also available in a hanging version, Silente minimises acoustic disturbances from speech. Efficient LED lighting systems can be included upon request. Another suitable product for this type of environment is Scriba, double-sided sound-absorbing desk panels that can separate various employee work areas to reduce the typical acoustic problems of areas where dozens of voices continuously speak over each other throughout the day. It not only provides greater comfort for workers, but will also achieve positive feedback from customers who call the customer care service, since they will no longer have to endure the typical background racket when on the phone to company staff.