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Caruso Acoustic technical team implements accurate acoustic analysis, aimed at identifying the objectives to be reached in terms of reducing reverberation time.


In environments where several people perform individual or group activities, it is essential to ensure the right acoustic comfort for more effective work or learning. Many studies have shown how a harmonious environment that meets acoustic comfort standards helps reduce stress, while improving listening, teaching and learning and even increasing customer loyalty.

Legislative Decree 626/1994 on workplace safety confirms the importance that acoustics also plays in terms of safety.

During the design phase of a building or its rooms, it is vital to take into account the materials that could create a comfortable acoustic environment and convey a sense of well-being to users. The UNI11690 standard provides useful indications and strategies that can be applied to tackle the issue of noise in existing or planned workplaces. In existing buildings, an in-depth acoustic analysis should be carried out, and measurements taken to determine reverberation time, in order to develop solutions to achieve optimal acoustic parameters for the activity carried out there.


In indoor areas such as conference halls, theatres, restaurants, offices, etc., where environmental noise levels need to be kept low and sound signals sharply defined, it is essential to guarantee an appropriate level of acoustic comfort. The materials chosen to achieve this must seek to guarantee optimal reverberation times for the purpose of the environment. 


A series of products have been designed and developed to solve the various acoustic issues in a wide range of different environments. Caruso Acoustic sound-absorbing products have been subjected to reverberation room testing in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 354 standard, depending on the type of application (wall, horizontal hanging cables, free-standing, etc.). Technical details and certificates are available on request.

Our Silente, Dot, Nuvola, Flag, Scriba and D-Space finished products are compliant with the European fire prevention standards UNI EN 13501-01 Class B-s2, d0 for Basotect® melamine resin by Basf®, UNI EN 13501-01 Class B-s1, d0 for Whisper® by Stratocel®, and with the US regulatory standard USA ASTM E84- 15b.

These products also comply with existing health and safety legislation for the new formaldehyde classification. In particular, they are certified against the release of formaldehyde under EN 717-1:2004 with values of mg/m3 <0.01 – ppm <0.01.

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2 November 2017

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In closed rooms such as meeting rooms, theatres, restaurants, offices etc., it is essential to guarantee the appropriate acoustic comfort.
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