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The problem of acoustic reverberation can also have a significant impact on daily life in recreational environments. We are thinking, for example, of canteens. How many times have you eaten in noisy halls and can’t wait to get out of there for a bit of peace and quiet. Studies conducted by environmental protection agencies have proven that when primary school students spend half an hour in a very noisy school canteen they then need to spend an hour in a calm environment to relax. Major repercussions on behaviour, social skills and, last but not least, learning have all been observed. Caruso products are the right solution to reduce acoustic reverberation and to make the canteen a place where you can spend a peaceful break away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Silente hanging panels and Nuvol panels are the perfect solution to deal with this problem. Hung from the ceiling by steel cables, they can be combined in different formats to create configurations of various shapes and sizes. Both panels can be installed with modern LED lighting systems that will also improve the room’s visual comfort.