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Hospitals and medical centres

Hospitals and medical centres are used by two main groups of people: medical staff and patients. These two types of people have different acoustic requirements dictated by the different activities they do there. Good acoustic comfort will improve staff’s performance at work as well as patients’ satisfaction. Corridors at healthcare facilities are usually crowded areas where a large part of the communication between medical staff takes place. Due to their elongated shape, sound travels all along the corridor, affecting the rooms on the corridor as well. In this particular situation, the Flag sound-absorbing panel guarantees to block the volumetric wave, minimising reverberation. Available in 11 standard sizes so they can be adapted to any acoustic and architectural requirements, these panels can be assembled horizontally or vertically, either on tracks or hung from the ceiling by thin cables.

However, there is a different situation in the waiting rooms found in various wards. It is important to provide patients in these areas with a relaxing environment that can reduce the anxiety of waiting, yet at the same time guarantee the privacy of conversations with medical staff. Nuvola sound-absorbing panels are the perfect solution for large waiting rooms. Hung from the ceiling by steel cables, they can be combined in different formats to create clouds of various shapes and sizes.