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Project details

Project name Jingold Spa – Cesena, Italy Location Cesena, Italy Year 2018 Architect Sabrina Sintucci Caruso Acoustic Products Silente Photographer Paolo Diani


Caruso Acoustic sound-absorbing panels have been installed at Jingold Spa headquarters, a company in Romagna specialized in kiwi growing and commercialisation. The supply has concerned a meeting room, where Silente sound-absorbing panels have been installed on walls and ceiling. The ceiling panels have been positioned over the meeting table in the middle of the room to best intercept the sound waves coming from the seats. The shades chosen for the fabric cover of the panels recall those of the furniture, thus giving the room an effect of studied colour uniformity. The firm Progetto Ufficio in Campegine (RE) has followed and developed the space design in collaboration with the architect Sabrina Sintucci.