Caruso Acoustic for Buffalo Grill (Vicenza, Italy)


Caruso Acoustic has recently completed its new installation in the catering sector at the restaurant Buffalo Grill, in the province of Vicenza (Italy).

Caruso Acoustic sound-absorbing panels have been installed in the two adjoining restaurant rooms, characterised by welcoming colours and natural materials. In order to follow a design approach aimed at improving the acoustic comfort of the rooms, a uniform distribution of panels on the ceiling and walls has been chosen, hanging Nuvola composition and Silente wall-mounted panel respectively.

Nuvola panel group, providing great freedom of choice in composition – from the simplest aligned elements to more complex, structured set-ups – has been positioned linearly along the entire length of the rooms. This distribution allows the sound-absorbing panels to intercept both direct and reflected sound waves near the tables.

Conceived to ensure the best performances in low-frequency sound-absorption, Silente panels have been placed on the walls, with a consequent improvement of reverberation times. For the guests, this results in a more welcoming and comfortable environment even in hours of high turnout.

The warm shades of wood, employed for the flooring and partition walls, contrast with the furniture of the rooms, also enhanced by the fabric colour chosen for Nuvola composition and by Silente custom prints. A sophisticated, rustic and contemporary style gives the restaurant a fresh and informal look, while preserving its elegance.

The project of acoustic requalification has been realised and followed by the architect Franco Bertoldo of the firm “Dettagli” in Marostica (Vicenza), in collaboration with the company.