Acoustic design by Caruso Acoustic for the new Tecnolab training room, Ortona (Italy)

Caruso Acoustic - progettazione acustica Tecnolab cop

Caruso Acoustic has recently completed the acoustic design of the new training room at Tecnolab’s headquarters, the Italian Accreditation and Certification Body for construction and industry sectors.

The project has been carried out with particular regard to the liveability of a space dedicated to training courses, workshops and conferences. Great attention was paid to solve acoustic problems linked to the speech intelligibility, an essential requirement for the correct performance of activities in the room. The solution worked out by Caruso Acoustic involved the installation of Silente sound-absorbing panels, both in the hanging version with LED lighting system and in the wall-mounted version. The product versatility allowed a rational distribution of the sound-absorbing material into the room with a consequent reduction of reverberation times and the improvement of acoustic comfort. The LED lighting system, specially conceived to complete the product, provides sufficient light for the benches and the teacher’s desk without the need for any other light source.

The existing finishing materials, from the pre-finished wood flooring to the wire mesh false ceiling, have led to the choice of a dark and warm colour palette – for the panel fabric covering – which matches the other furnishings in the room.

LAMM has become part of this context with the supply of E4000 study benches, chosen in an elegant bi-laminated finish, which recalls the textured effect of the flooring.
An accurate design, which highlights the tailor-made approach and complementarity of Caruso Acoustic solutions and LAMM products, both capable of optimising and rationalising the space according to the intended use of the room.