Acoustic requalification carried out by Caruso Acoustic at Novalia offices (Italy)

Pannelli fonoassorbenti a parete Silente di Caruso Acoustic

Caruso Acoustic has recently completed a project of acoustic requalification at Novalia offices, an important consultancy, which helps companies to create new business models and supports them in innovation processes. After a thorough acoustic analysis, a quite high reverberation time has been detected, considering the intended use of the premises.

The acoustic requalification has affected the two main areas of the building. In the larger room, nine Silente sound-absorbing panels have been installed on the wall behind the desks. The composition of panels, choosen in nine different fabric colours, has improved considerably the acoustics of the room, thus giving a touch of style to the space.

For the meeting room, Caruso Acoustic has suggested an elegant arrangement of Nuvola hanging sound-absorbing panels with integrated LED lighting system. Thanks to the steel cable hooking system, it has been possible to place the panels at an optimal height to allow a perfect balance between acoustics and lighting. The customer need was indeed not only to eliminate any reverberation into the room, but also to light up properly the worktop.

Caruso Acoustic has conceived for Novalia an appropriate and functional solution for the type of space and activities carried out in the rooms, thus guaranteeing a uniform and refined aesthetics.