Bechèr House improves the acoustic comfort with Caruso Acoustic

Riqualificazione Acustica Becher Caruso Acoustic

To improve the environment acoustic comfort: this is the purpose of Caruso Acoustic sound absorbing panels. Catering is one of the areas, which has better understood the value of these products and has found in the application of soundproof panels the ideal solution to acoustic problems.

Bechèr House, excellent inn in the Treviso area, after an in-depth phonometric analysis, has undergone a recent acoustic requalification. The project, curated by the architect Franco Favero of Studio Play, has envisaged the installation of two types of sound absorbing elements: Hanging Silente and Kubo.

Hanging Silente panels have been positioned along the perimeter of the restaurant room, through a customer-specific ceiling mounting system, while Kubo sound absorbing elements have been installed over the tables and the counter. The latter indeed, thanks to their shape and volume, absorb better the frequencies of speech.

The chosen fabric colours, allow to adapt perfectly Caruso Acoustic sound absorbing panels to the industrial style furniture of the place. The acoustic requalification has not only improved the customer and staff wellbeing, but has also given the room a uniform and elegant aesthetics.