Caruso Acoustic for Bottega Portici 2 Torri (Bologna, Italy)

Caruso Acoustic Bottega Portici pannelli fonoassorbenti copertina

Silente sound-absorbing panels for the elegant Bottega Portici in Bologna.

Caruso Acoustic has installed at Bottega Portici 2 Torri (, in the central Palazzo Bega in Piazza di Porta Ravegnana, a selection of adherence and hanging Silente sound-absorbing panels.

Due to the multifunctionality of this space – it is indeed a place dedicated to food culture, but also a meeting place and leisure area – it was decided to make the premises visually and acoustically comfortable. With its distinctive mix of modernity, elegance and refinement, Bottega Portici 2 Torri offers the ideal setting for Caruso Acoustic products, which can achieve the perfect balance between acoustics and aesthetics, thanks to the advantages deriving from the use of sound-absorbing panels in catering contexts. Silente panels indeed blend harmoniously with the furniture of the room, thus completing and enhancing the space.

Conceived to guarantee the best performance in the absorption of low frequencies involved in speech, Silente panels can be produced with two typologies of sound-absorbing material: Basotect® melamine resin by Basf® or Whisper® by Stratocell®. Also available in the hanging version, Silente sound-absorbing panels are a versatile solution, which can be adapted to different project requirements.