Caruso Acoustic for EUIPO offices in Alicante (Spain)

Immagine Copertina Euipo -2

Caruso Acoustic has recently realized an acoustic requalification project in EUIPO offices in Alicante.

A whole area of EUIPO administration complex, the European Union Intellectual Property Office located in Alicante (Spain), has been subject to a recent acoustic requalifying intervention carried out by Caruso Acoustic. For the working environment requalification, designers have chosen Caruso Acoustic sound-absorbing panel technology.

The project has envisaged the installation of 109 sound-absorbing panels placed on an entire floor of the building in order to ensure the maximum comfort in the workplace. These panels, proposed in 2 typologies, 26 Silente adherence panels and 83 Flag hanging panels, have been chosen in 4 different colours so as to match the furniture already in the offices. Especially suitable for this kind of open-space where individual concentration is essential, Silente sound-absorbing panels have been placed along the room perimeter and assembled together to create several decorative compositions and give a distinctive character to the environment. Flag sound-absorbing panels, instead, ensure the sound wave break-up, just like a flag.

Curated by Caruso Acoustic, the acoustic treatment project for EUIPO was developed after thorough acoustic analyses carried out in the offices. These analyses showed that, because of the big space, the reverberation times were very high with the resulting impacts on the employee mental and physical well-being. Caruso Acoustic expertise in the field of workplace acoustics allowed an optimal requalification of the offices, thus considerably improving the acoustic comfort.