Caruso Acoustic for IPG, Rabat (Morocco)

IPG Rabat - pannelli fonoassorbenti Caruso Acoustic

Caruso Acoustic sound-absorbing panels have been installed at IPG Rabat headquarters (Morocco), an important European call centre group with subsidiaries in Belgium, the Netherlands and Morocco. The acoustic correction project has concerned two floors of the building: “The Marrakech floor” and “The Casablanca floor”, where hanging Silente panels and Kubo sound-absorbing elements have been respectively installed. The design approach, aimed at improving the quality of the working environment, has been necessarily focused on the reduction of acoustic problems mainly caused by structural factors. The open-space configuration of the office and its large glass windows on one of the perimeter walls resulted in fact in the increase of background noise, with repercussions on the employees’ well-being.


Silente sound-absorbing panels – in the hanging version on ceiling – have been positioned over the desks. The practical hooking system with adjustable cables has enabled to adapt the distance of the panels from the desks and to position them at the optimal height to intercept both direct and reflected sound waves. Kubo sound-absorbing elements have been installed in the area next to the lifts, in order to guarantee the proper acoustic comfort also in this walkway area.
The technical and functional features of Caruso Acoustic products, together with their efficient arrangement, have allowed obtaining high acoustic absorption performances, with a consequent improvement in reverberation times.
In terms of aesthetics, the fabric colours chosen recall the style and colour palette of the furniture, thus creating an elegant and cosy atmosphere.


The architecture firm MC3 Aménagement has followed and developed the interior design project.