Caruso Acoustic for Latteria Montello Spa, Treviso (Italy)

Pannelli Fonoassorbenti Silente latteria Montello Treviso Caruso Acoustic

Caruso Acoustic sound-absorbing panels have been installed at Latteria Montello Spa headquarters, a Venetian company market leader in dairy product sector in Italy.
The installation has concerned a multi-purpose room in Giavera del Montello (Treviso) production plant used as canteen and break room for its employees.


Light, colour harmony and lightness are the features, which characterise the space, conceived and designed to provide the employees with a common area devoted to sharing and conviviality.
Silente sound-absorbing panels, chosen in the hanging version on ceiling, have been positioned above the whole room to guarantee the correct acoustic treatment and promote the collective and individual well-being. Great attention has been paid to reduce reverberation times, made higher by the presence of highly reflective smooth surfaces such as the side glass walls, which delimit the room on one side.


The light shade of the panel cover fabric has been especially chosen to match the furniture’s colours, thus creating a cosy and uniform environment. The fixing system of Silente panels by means of adjustable cables has allowed their placement at an ideal height, so as to be integrated to the existing lighting systems and to enable a correct light diffusion. The flexibility and versatility of Caruso Acoustic products have met the design and technical need to create an environment of high acoustic comfort.


Durante Ufficio in Maser (TV), in collaboration with the company, has followed and developed the acoustic requalification project.