Caruso Acoustic for SAFEMarine Srl, Gorizia (Italy)

Safemarine pannello fonoassorbente scriba caruso acoustic

Caruso Acoustic has installed its sound-absorbing panels at SAFEMarine Srl headquarters, an Italian company with a ten years’ experience in the shipbuilding industry, particularly in safety systems for cruise ships, cargo ships and yachts.


The supply has concerned the company’s offices: collective areas divided by means of glass partition walls and characterised by many workstations. At the acoustic design stage, the achievable goals have been identified in terms of best reverberation times according to the type of room and activities carried out in it.
The most efficient and suitable solution for this purpose are Scriba sound-absorbing desk panels. Designed to be installed easily on horizontal surfaces, Scriba are ideal for optimising the acoustic conditions of working environments with many desks or tables that need separating.
The double-sided structure of the panels and the two different heights available enable a modular and functional distribution according to the office activities. The version with stainless steel base, chosen for this project, allows a wide range of installations.


In terms of aesthetics, the red cover fabric recalls the vivid shades of the chairs and some walls, thus creating a colour continuity with the company’s colours and a play of contrasts with the other furniture.


Thanks to the versatility of this solution, it is possible to design shared workspaces or to separate the workstations in order to maintain an appropriate level of confidentiality and privacy.


Durante Ufficio di Maser (TV), in collaboration with the company, has followed and developed the project of acoustic requalification.