Caruso Acoustic for “Sergio Fregoso” Multimedia Library in La Spezia: space as protagonist of the installation

Caruso Acoustic Mediateca La Spezia

Risen from the restoration of the former Odeon Cinema, the new “Sergio Fregoso” Regional Multimedia Library of Liguria is a cultural centre, which collects visual and sound memories of La Spezia. The multipurpose space incorporates, among others, the historical photography and sound archives, the local film library, the newspaper library with a study area and finally the screening room, where Caruso Acoustic sound-absorbing panels are placed.

The 143-seat screening room has been made from the former balconies of Odeon Cinema and recently equipped with a digital audio system.
Caruso Acoustic’s intervention consists in the installation of Silente sound-absorbing panels over the entire ceiling, on this occasion preferred in the hanging version. The choice of this product plays an important role in terms of acoustic performances: the coupling system, by means of steel cables, has been specially designed to adjust the distance of the panels from the ceiling and their placement near sound sources.

Caruso Acoustic design study not only meets functional and technical requirements, but also aesthetic and furnishing needs. Hanging Silente has been conceived and designed to create multiple configurations by either playing on the different heights of the panels or on their alignments. The correct arrangement of the products, in fact, contributes to give a sense of balance, freedom and order to the environment with a dynamic effect. Finally, the chromatic choice echoes the dark colour of perimeter walls, further enhanced by the contrast with the light-coloured ceiling.