Caruso Acoustic for Sina Spa (Pordenone, Italy)

Caruso Acoustic per Sina SPA Cop

Sina Spa, an important group operating in car sale and assistance with agencies and branches in the province of Pordenone and Venice, has chosen Caruso Acoustic sound-absorbing panels for the headquarters’ meeting room in Pordenone.

Closed on three sides and characterised by a high ceiling, the meeting room has been equipped with Silente wall-mounted panels and hanging Kubo sound-absorbing elements. The particular structural layout of the room required a combination of two different solutions that could meet the acoustic requirements of a space designed to host business meetings. Silente wall-mounted sound-absorbing panels have been installed on one of the sidewalls and at the back of the room, thus enveloping the audience’s area. The vivid colour of the panel covering, together with the black seats, sets out a chromatic coherence with the group’s brand identity.

The distribution of Kubo sound-absorbing elements have been distributed to face the considerable height of the room and, at the same time, to design a harmonious game of balance, accentuated by suspended elements with angular fixing systems.

The achieved result creates a spatial continuity and an optimal use of the room in order to guarantee the correct carrying out of collaborative activities such as working meetings.