Caruso Acoustic for the new Kristalia headquarters

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In order to correct and improve the acoustic comfort of the new Kristalia headquarters, an Italian company in the furniture sector, Caruso Acoustic has set up a project, together with the renovation work, that includes the installation of Menhir sound-absorbing totems and Silente wall panels.

In working environments with variable acoustic needs, the Menhir sound-absorbing totem is the perfect solution for large spaces where speech reverberation can cause confusion and chaos. Since it is not fixed to the ground, Menhir can be easily moved to adapt the area to different furnishing solutions. Opting for the black version, the Menhir sound-absorbing totem perfectly fits Kristalia’s style, helping to highlight its elegance and sophistication.

Alongside office space, this facility offers its employees common meeting areas, including a conference hall, a meeting room and a canteen. Caruso Acoustic has installed Silente sound-absorbing panels in the canteen. Again in black, these Silente panels combine the minimalist design of the furniture in the hall with the functionality of the sound-absorbing panels, creating a comfortable environment where employees can take a peaceful break from their work.

Menhir sound-absorbing totems have been installed in the meeting room and in the conference hall to minimise any acoustic disturbances from speech or from playing audio-visual material. Caruso Acoustic’s project provides targeted distribution of the acoustic absorption in the room to guarantee that the same quality of sound can be heard in every corner of the room.

These installations combine tone and elegance with the sleek lines of the furniture, giving the rooms a harmonious, clean look.