Caruso Acoustic for Wilier Triestina Spa, Vicenza (Italy)

pannelli fonoassorbenti per Wilier Triestina - Vicenza Italia cop

Caruso Acoustic sound-absorbing panels have been installed at the headquarters of Wilier Triestina Spa, an Italian historical manufacturer of racing bicycles.
The installation has concerned the offices, where space organisation have to meet individual and collaborative needs.


Functionality, flexibility and brightness are the key features of the large workspace where the natural light, filtered by big perimeter windows and the furniture minimalist design prevail. Particular attention has been paid to acoustic design, in order to reduce reverberation times and background noise inside the room.
Silente sound-absorbing panels, uniformly distributed above the workstations, have been chosen in the suspended version to ensure a greater flexibility during installation.
The fixing system by means of adjustable cables has in fact helped to determine the correct distance from the ceiling to intercept both direct and reflected sounds.


The colour choice of the panel fabric cover has allowed creating a visual effect of great impact, in clear contrast to the neutral shades of the furniture. Caruso Acoustic products create a cosy and dynamic environment, as well as to meet functional requirements of an open-space office.


The acoustic requalification project has been followed and developed by Durante Ufficio in Maser (TV) in collaboration with the company.