Caruso Acoustic products for an open-space office, Treviso (Italy)

Caruso Acoustic sound-absorbing panels have been installed in an open-space office, along with a renovation project of the whole work environment. A space characterised by lightness, transparency and brightness, divided and organised by using glass movable partitions.


In the design phase, the acoustic analysis have been carried out together with the lighting analysis in a multi-disciplinary approach aimed at meeting all requirements. For this reason, designers have chosen Caruso Acoustic sound-absorbing products with LED lighting. Silente ceiling panels with linear LED lighting have been placed over desks and tables to guarantee a proper acoustic treatment and light quantity to the whole room. Dot sound-absorbing ceiling panel with LED spotlight has been positioned near the little relax area in the director’s office.
Moreover, some Scriba desk panels with steel base have been installed to separate workstations and reduce high reverberation times typical of open-spaces.


A neutral shade has been chosen for the panel fabric cover, which matches with the finishes and furniture of the room, thus creating a harmonic visual effect. The versatility of Caruso Acoustic’s products has allowed designers to fully meet the essential quality requirements in terms of acoustic and lighting treatment indoors.


The integration project of acoustic solutions to the furniture and spaces has been followed and developed by Durante Ufficio in Maser (TV) in collaboration with the company.