Colours, protagonists of Caruso Acoustic’s installation for Olimpias Group

Caruso Acoustic Pannelli fonoassorbenti per Olimpias Group copertina

The colours and their evocative power embody the essence of every article of clothing: this feature has been the source of inspiration for Caruso Acoustic installation at Olimpias Group’s headquarters, an important industrial reality, which has now become a leading edge Company in the european textile market.

The room subjected to intervention is an area dedicated to small conferences, training courses and meetings. The whole project has been designed to obtain an adequate sound absorption level through a targeted distribution of adherence and hanging Silente sound-absorbing panels and Menhir totems.  In particular, hanging Silente sound-absorbing panels, thanks to the adjustability of the panel height through steel cables, allowed getting closer to potential sound sources in order to intercept direct and reflected sounds. This ensures an effortless hearing from anywhere in the room.

This installation highlights the high customisation level of Caruso Acoustic’s solutions in terms of aesthetics and functionality. The upholstery fabric colours matches well with the furniture, thus intensifying the decorative effect of the colours. Customised prints, specially designed for the customer, underline the “tailor made” approach of Caruso Acoustic’s products and strengthen Olimpias Group identity.

The intervention emphasises the duality of Caruso Acoustic’s solutions, on the one hand, they meet the technical requirements for a correct acoustic treatment and, on the other, complete with continuity and elegance the furnishing of the room.