Nuvola sound-absorbing panels for the Banca Prealpi in Vittorio Veneto

Caruso Acoustic - Banca Prealpi Vittorio Veneto

Caruso Acoustic has recently done some work for the Banca Prealpi branch in Vittorio Veneto to improve the acoustic comfort of certain office areas used for private meetings with customers.

The main requirement of these areas was to ensure that any conversations between the bank staff and its customers remained private, while at the same time providing a comfortable environment that would improve staff’s performance and customer satisfaction. The Nuvola sound-absorbing panel guarantees maximum results in acoustic treatment for this type of environment. Its special fastening mechanism lets you interlink the panels to create clouds of various shapes and sizes.

Blue sound-absorbing panels were chosen for the Banca Prealpi to liven up these rooms that were rather bare in terms of furniture. Furthermore, the integration of recessed LED ceiling lights provides adequate lighting for the entire area. In addition to their energy efficiency benefits and their versatility depending on certain needs and venues, LED lights also let you adjust the intensity of the beam of light (with a dimmer). Caruso Acoustic guarantees maximum comfort both in terms of acoustics and lighting.