Open space offices acoustic correction: improving the liveability of a working environment

Caruso Acoustic Correzione acustica ufficio open space

Project: Open space call centre

Room size: 162 m³

Acoustic Problem: high reverberation times resulting in mental fatigue for employees

Environment liveability, quality of speech intelligibility and adequate levels of privacy are essential elements for the correct acoustic treatment of offices. Caruso Acoustic redefines the work space – via the installation of sound-absorbing panels – in order to diminish the chaotic atmosphere that is typical of crowded working environments with high reverberation times.

We can see, in the following example, how the acoustics of a call centre can improve thanks to an effective and rational distribution of sound-absorbing elements.
Various aspects are assessed during the design phase: the number of workstations and the distance between them, flooring materials, walls, ceiling and furniture and the type of work activity carried out in the office.
The proposed acoustic correction project refers to a shared working environment with 16 workstations. The office area covers 60 square meters with a volume of 162 m³. The reverberation time calculated before the proposed work is 2.10 s at an average of 250-2000 Hz (frequencies involved in speaking), therefore inadequate for any type of work activity. Given the type of room and its size, achieving a reverberation time ranging between 0.40 s and 0.60 s has been set as a goal. Based on acoustic calculations carried out, we can achieve a reverberation time of 0.52 s at an average of 250-2000 Hz by installing 8 Silente suspended sound-absorbing panels and 20 Scriba desk panels.

Caruso-Acoustic-progettazione acustica ufficio open space


The combination of these two products perfectly meets the specific project requirements. In fact, the Silente suspended panel enables you to freely modulate the distance of the panels from the ceiling, thus effectively intercepting both the direct and the reflected sound. The two-sided Scriba desk panel, on the other hand, is designed to be easily installed on horizontal surfaces by means of a special clamping system or sustained by its base, therefore enabling the separation of each employee’s operating area, improving privacy.

Upon observing the graph, we see how the reverberation time decreases with the increase of sound-absorbing elements: we can, as a result, confirm that it is possible to have an effect on several aspects by diversifying and distributing the sound-absorbing material in a uniform manner over the entire work area.