The new Caruso Acoustic website is online

caruso new website

Caruso Acoustic is updating its range of sound-absorbing panels by introducing new products with a special focus on their many possible applications. The content has therefore been updated but so have the graphics in order to enhance the different products and offer easy browsing around the different sections of the website.

Created from LAMM’s vast experience, Caruso Acoustic has grown continuously and the new website is a real journey to explore the brand through its new products and their relative applications. The graphics have been given a major new look and the website offers visitors complete, clear and user-friendly content.

The homepage introduces a few key concepts, extensively covered later in the sections on acoustics and lighting, which guide users through a gradual discovery of the different product categories. From the Silente, Nuvola and Flag ceiling sound-absorbing panels to the Scriba desk panel or the D-Space free-standing panels and the new Menhir sound-absorbing totem, which is perfect for low frequencies. Thanks to the high level of customisation, Caruso Acoustic’s wide range of sound-absorbing products can be easily adapted to the specific acoustic and lighting requirements of various venues.

One major new feature is the option of creating your own panels by choosing from different colours and patterns.

The strength of these products is therefore their versatility which is largely covered under the area dedicated to applications. Here, visitors can move around different environments to find out their specific acoustic and lighting problems, while discovering the solutions designed and created by Caruso Acoustic. Conference halls, classrooms, libraries, restaurants, bars, gyms, hospitals, stores and offices are just a few of the possible places where these products can be applied.

Accessible on any platform, from PCs to tablets and smartphones, the website offers all devices the same browsing experience and with the blog section you can easily interact and share content with other users on social media channels.

The newsletter service will be rolled out, always offering new content. The aim is to keep subscribers updated about the latest Caruso Acoustic news and events, redirecting them to the website for further details and analysis.