Caruso Acoustic for CTAO – Cherenkov Telescope Array Observatory in Bologna (Italy)

CTAO Bologna - Pannelli fonoassorbenti Caruso Acoustic cop

Caruso Acoustic sound-absorbing panels have been installed into the headquarters of CTAO organisation, Cherenkov Telescope Array Observatory, housed within INAF – Astrophysics and Space Science Observatory, in a building shared with the Physics and Astronomy Department of Bologna University, which will host international events and conferences.

The acoustic correction project has concerned different areas: the offices, the meeting room and the break room used as canteen. The superposition of sound waves reflected by the walls, the ceiling and the floor is the most common acoustic problem for this type of spaces, which causes mental fatigue and loss of concentration in users. Considering the intended use of the premises, acoustic comfort is therefore an essential requirement for more liveable environments.

Silente wall-mounted sound-absorbing panels have allowed to reduce reverberation times, thus improving significantly the room acoustics. Conceived to guarantee the best sound absorption performances, Silente panels are available in two different materials, Basotect® by Basf® and Whisper® by Stratocell®.

In terms of aesthetics, the choice of combining Caruso Acoustic panels with the new furniture was determined not only by the already mentioned acoustic needs, but also by the wish of integrating a touch of colour and vitality to minimalist spaces. The wide range of fabric colours available for Caruso Acoustic panels has allowed creating a chromatic continuity among panels, accessories and furniture. The result is an installation of great formal balance and harmonious continuity among furnishing accessories.

The interior design project has been followed and developed by Architect Manuela Magri of Progetto Ufficio srl, in collaboration with Mrs. Alessandra Porfido, CTAO project referent.